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The Screenprinted Tabletop

A few weeks back, I screenprinted and painted a tabletop for a friend. His alma mater had a charity auction event where they asked some of its alumni to contribute art work. Basically, do whatever to the tabletop and the school will auction it off, proceeds goes to charity.

It wasn’t my alma mater, but my friend asked if I wanted to contribute a piece anyways, so I did. Plus I was in a slight screenprinting frenzy as well, having completed a screenprinted wall project not too long before.

I used one of my favourite stencils, a Chinese charm inscription 黄金万两,meaning ‘ten thousand taels of gold’. I had made this stencil many years back but haven’t really made many prints with it, so it was a great starting point for this project.

With the square four-sided format, I did 4 prints of the inscription with each print rotated 90 degrees so the tabletop looks the same from any orientation.

To keep things auspicious, I decided to use neon pink and magenta for the background colour. I know red is traditionally auspicious, but I didn’t want to be so literal. I wanted it to be really oriental as well, so I decided on a Chinese trellis border on the table. I made a simple stencil from cardboard.

Textures really excite me, so I really wanted to go for the stone table look with the pink and magenta paint. The stencil for the border is a simple spiral, which I later closed up into a square and added the connecting strokes.

I didn’t completely paint over the sides of the tabletop to keep that slightly messy, graffiti-ish look.

I finished the tabletop by screenprinting another layer of the inscription.