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The Reel and Foam Board Necklace Display

I am constantly on the look out for different, and more importantly, cost-effective ways to display necklaces. So one morning, I had an idea to create a necklace display with plastic reels.

I’ve collected a bunch of these plastic reels from buying cords and chains. These are reels for fishing line that I suppose the shop re-used for their supplies, so they are being re-purposed yet again!

I drilled 2 holes about 5cm horizontally apart. These are the points where I’m going to mount the reels onto the foam board with screws.

Then I gave the reels (working with total of 7 reels) a fresh coat of black paint. I believe that jewellery or any other product display should not detract too much from the actual products, so I think it’s safest to default to black-white-grey colour combos.

Spray painted my screws black as well, just to tie in the details nicely. I used a little foam block to hold the screws upright.

Then I moved on to the foam board. I used to work at a cinema as a teenager, and the amount of waste generated from event and marketing collaterals is huge! So I would periodically collect these A1-sized foam board signage, optimistic that they would come into good use in the future. And they sure did.

I measured out where I wanted the reels and pierced in the holes with an awl (super useful tool to have around; ice picks work the same). The foam board pierces through easily.

With the pierced holes ready, it’s time to mount the reels!

My pierced holes in the board is just about the diameter of the screws, so they fit pretty snugly through. I had originally planned to secure it with hex nuts on the reverse side, but pushing the screws through already provided a pretty solid grip.

The finished board with the reels all mounted! And the final piece in action at an art market:

A few finishing touches: tapered off the corners and stamped my logo.

I mounted this board on an easel, but there are definitely plenty of other ways to mount the display board. I’d love to see a hanging piece!

Overall, there are definitely many variations that can stem from this idea! I needed the lightness and mobility for this, so a foam board was a good choice. For a more permanent display, wood or acrylic would look fantastic. And I believe it could function as a utilitarian fixture at home too!


The Vinyl Record Cuffs

I first made cuffs from vinyl records in 2009, out of pure curiosity and for the sake of experimenting.

They’ve come a long way since then. And I know a lot of people love the cuffs! I haven’t been actively making new ones or coming up with new ideas until now!


I think a lot of people are curious as to how I cut the records. I cut my records by hand, with this humble OLFA cutter:

It’s really a matter of scoring on the material, cut a groove at least halfway through and snapping off the pieces along the cut groove. The curves that I cut are with this cutter too, the curves being the edge of the record itself.

The forming of the cuff is really quite simple too. For my jig, it’s usually something cylindrical I can find at home. Spray cans, ketchup bottles, drinking glasses, water bottles, I’ve tried them all. To soften the record, any conventional oven works fine. Once it’s pliable, with gloves on, I just form the piece around the jig.

NEW jig

I really wanted to experiment the cuffs in another shape, so I went to look for a jig in the ceramics department. And I found this triangular vase:

Definitely makes for an interesting shape! I should have brought my measuring tape with me, but I was pretty confident that this was wrist-size.

Tried out 2 cuffs with the vase.

Love these pieces! I thought the fit on the wrist might be a little weird, but they actually look pretty awesome.


I’ve cut up so many records and have left behind some really weird pieces of scraps. Love utilising these scrap pieces. They sometimes produce really interesting pieces.

This is a cylindrical cuff with a really interesting and versatile shape!

With some more fine-tuning, this will make a fabulous piece.