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The Occasional De-cluttering

Every now and then, there is a need to de-clutter. Where the hell is all these mess coming from?! Clutter is the one major thing that stymies my creativity and productivity, but I tend to procrastinate too, so when I do get down to cleaning up, it’s usually because I really can’t take it anymore!

I wished that I had a spacious studio that doubles as a showroom and workshop, but I don’t. I’ve adjusted pretty well to working from home, even though the space is somewhat constrained; plus there’s my family at home too.

My major issue is with storage. I have claimed a few areas at home for my stuff and I’m slowly adding more shelving upwards as my stuff grows. Still, things get a little chaotic. My main storage area is always in chaos. Things tend to pile up and get strewn everywhere.

Desperately need more shelving for this area! I’ve hauled this mess over so many times than I care to count, and it always end up more like controlled-chaos than cleaned-up. It’s like a messed up mini art supply store here. Then I have my bags, belts and shoes too. Walk-in wardrobe, how about!

While clearing the mess, I came across a bag of trinkets. Somebody must have just thrown it into the mix. I think it belonged to my mother. ‘Belonged’ as in maybe 20 years ago.┬áSo this bag set me back at least 30 minutes as I sat down and picked through the bric-a-brac.

Mostly costume earrings of little value, some gold (not sure if real) jewellery, pretty little pendants, vintage-y brooches and old school pins. I was kinda riled up with excitement thinking of all the things I want to do to re-invent the pieces. But till next time. I packed them up and stored them.

On the opposite side is my ‘dresser’, which is the top of a couple of bookshelves.

I added on 2 extension units for one shelf; it was a huge relief on all the crap that was accumulating! I got a bit more space for my personal collection of necklaces. I simply used those adhesive-backed hooks for a cheap and efficient display.

I had bracelets strewn everywhere as well; finally stored them all nicely in a display case.

It’s packed to the brim! I’ve collected plenty over a couple of years.

My workspace is still a mess though.

Cleaning really takes up a lot of time! Plus I’m in the midst of cutting up vinyl records too. At least I’ve somewhat conquered the 2 other cluttered areas.

Onward to be productive!