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The Vinyl Record Cuffs

I first made cuffs from vinyl records in 2009, out of pure curiosity and for the sake of experimenting.

They’ve come a long way since then. And I know a lot of people love the cuffs! I haven’t been actively making new ones or coming up with new ideas until now!


I think a lot of people are curious as to how I cut the records. I cut my records by hand, with this humble OLFA cutter:

It’s really a matter of scoring on the material, cut a groove at least halfway through and snapping off the pieces along the cut groove. The curves that I cut are with this cutter too, the curves being the edge of the record itself.

The forming of the cuff is really quite simple too. For my jig, it’s usually something cylindrical I can find at home. Spray cans, ketchup bottles, drinking glasses, water bottles, I’ve tried them all. To soften the record, any conventional oven works fine. Once it’s pliable, with gloves on, I just form the piece around the jig.

NEW jig

I really wanted to experiment the cuffs in another shape, so I went to look for a jig in the ceramics department. And I found this triangular vase:

Definitely makes for an interesting shape! I should have brought my measuring tape with me, but I was pretty confident that this was wrist-size.

Tried out 2 cuffs with the vase.

Love these pieces! I thought the fit on the wrist might be a little weird, but they actually look pretty awesome.


I’ve cut up so many records and have left behind some really weird pieces of scraps. Love utilising these scrap pieces. They sometimes produce really interesting pieces.

This is a cylindrical cuff with a really interesting and versatile shape!

With some more fine-tuning, this will make a fabulous piece.


The Toggle Bracelet

I’m still working on another mixed findings chain bracelet; I’m using an 8-strand tube clasp, so it’s a little complex. But meanwhile, here is something simple. Really simple.

The toggle clasp consists of a closed loop and bar. I stopped using toggle clasps for a while now, so the bunch that I own have been turned into a bracelet.

I like it, but I don’t love it. It’s too… simple. And it’s got that haphazard quality to it that I frown upon. It looks like a scraggly line as it moves on the wrist. But hey, it’s all for fun, so I think I can get over it. And anyways, it beats the clasps just sitting around doing nothing.

The Mixed Findings Chain Bracelet

Continuing with the idea of using findings to create the actual jewellery piece, I decided to make a bracelet. I’m basing the design on the mixed chain bracelet I made a while back. I love making my own chains, and jewellery findings make the perfect chain-building unit.

Lobster claw clasps, wire coil cord ends, S-hooks and I decided to throw in some gold bling and chain that I thrifted/collected.

The final outcome of the bracelet; a busy and eclectic piece. I love how the wire coil cord ends adds that slightly steampunk look.

With a bunch of findings, I custom-made 3 chains.

The S-hooks are quite terribly-made and I never quite got around to using them, but I think now I’ve put them to good use. They look so much better as a design element rather than a closure. I especially love the S-hook and coil cord ends chain. It creates a very nice pattern on its own.

So with these four strands, I loosely wove them together, ran a ring though all the ends and voila!

Love the texture and tonal variations created!

The Clear Acrylic Cuff

I bought a sheet of acrylic a while ago for experiment’s sake. I’ve cut up god-knows-how-many vinyl records, so I thought it’d be nice to switch to acrylic for a change.

And anyways, ever since I laid eyes on the awesome chunky clear jewellery in Michael Kors’ Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection, I have been DYING to experiment with making a transparent cuff. Yes, I know it’s a little copycat, but hey, there is technically not much ‘design’ in a basic rectangle to form a cuff.

After I laid eyes on these, I had the images permanently seared into my cornea. So here goes my own version:

This is the first one I experimented with. Just a very basic piece; fits a little loose, so the silhouette is chunky. Then I experimented with a second piece:

I reduced the width a little, the fit is the same, but I added a little more interest by etching lines onto the surface.

I’m still trying to figure out a way to make it perfect because the opening of the cuff is still a little wonky to me. But as of now, I’m just having fun wearing them out!

Announcement: Vinyl Cuffs at FrüFrü & Tigerlily

So following an intensive 6-month particiaption in flea markets and bazaars, I decided to lay off these events simply because it drew a crowd that was keen in sniffing out cheap deals. Therefore, my creations became severely under-priced; in particular, my vinyl cuffs.

Subsequently, I decided to cease production of the cuffs. Right when I was about to let go of it completely, Ginette from FrüFrü & Tigerlily took an interest and wanted to stock my cuffs at the store.

Voila! Vinyl record cuffs by theKANG will be stocked at the FrüFrü & Tigerlily store, which is located within cult boutique Blackmarket. Each cuff retails at S$45.00. They come in a nice box that I made with the record sleeves too!

The three designs available:

FrüFrü & Tigerlily store opening party happens tomorrow, 12 March 2010, Friday, from 7.00PM. FREE BEER sponsered by Heineken.

Anyways, I’m just really excited that the cuffs, one of my pioneer ventures, made it to the stores first! I shall push the chainmaille stuff next, but I will need to figure out the packaging first. It’s amazing what a nice frame can do to a picture, you know.

FrüFrü & Tigerlily Facebook group here. Store opening party Facebook event here. And theKANG Facebook page here.

The Cube Bangle

This space a little neglected, sorry about that! But I can assure you I haven’t stopped what I’ve been doing. After all, I REALLY do love crafts.

Okay, really quickly: I decided to stop making any more vinyl cuffs; twist of fate; I revived the cuffs and made a small batch. The point is, then I decided that I want to make a nice packaging box to go with the cuff. But sheesh, it was quite tedious. I’d die if I had to make a box for every cuff!

It’s really sturdy, and made with record sleeves, so the graphics are pretty random, and nothing goes to waste. It was refreshing to work with paper-based materials again, so after making this box, I went on to explore something I had been tinkering with in my head.

So I take a basic cube and cut out the opposite corners. And voila! A BANGLE!

Super chunky, super geometric! And pretty ‘green’ too! This was made with a ‘useless’ card that I’ve collected. I really want to fully realise this design, but I still have no idea what is the best way to treat it so that it’s durable.

P.S. Wouldn’t it look A-MAZING as a neck piece?

The Chain Bracelets

This is a very simplistic and minimal series of chain bracelets for men.

Three sizes of jump rings, three different weaves, three different weights.

I just mastered the Jen’s Pind Linkage(JPL), which basically produces a spiral looking chain. The thinnest chain here is the ‘wrong’ version of the JPL, because I the actual JPL chain is quite inflexible. The second chain is actually a byzantine weave, but I crossed the connecting rings and that produced a twisted chain. Really love the twisted effect! Adds even more texture to the chain. The thickest chain here is a really simple box weave; fuss-free and minimal.

In contrast to these blingy rhodium chains, I’m trying to render some chains in black nickel as well.

I would try out more black nickel chains, but I’m having a little difficulty finding the perfect black nickel jump rings. These 2 chains are by far the most effective. The flat ‘centipede’ chain uses rings that I dismantled from a ready(also badly)-made chain that I bought. The large rings in the flat chain are square cross-sectionally, so the chain reflects light really beautifully. Then there’s yet another box weave chain. You can never go wrong with a box weave.