The Mixed Findings Chain Bracelet

Continuing with the idea of using findings to create the actual jewellery piece, I decided to make a bracelet. I’m basing the design on the mixed chain bracelet I made a while back. I love making my own chains, and jewellery findings make the perfect chain-building unit.

Lobster claw clasps, wire coil cord ends, S-hooks and I decided to throw in some gold bling and chain that I thrifted/collected.

The final outcome of the bracelet; a busy and eclectic piece. I love how the wire coil cord ends adds that slightly steampunk look.

With a bunch of findings, I custom-made 3 chains.

The S-hooks are quite terribly-made and I never quite got around to using them, but I think now I’ve put them to good use. They look so much better as a design element rather than a closure. I especially love the S-hook and coil cord ends chain. It creates a very nice pattern on its own.

So with these four strands, I loosely wove them together, ran a ring though all the ends and voila!

Love the texture and tonal variations created!


3 responses to “The Mixed Findings Chain Bracelet

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  2. I simply adore this piece. can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. prolly my favourite piece you;ve ever made. [:

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