Upcoming: Inside Out Party @ SAM

Hi all, the Inside Out Party at Singapore Art Museum is happening again this Saturday!

There is a bazaar going on as well, and I’ll be there to push my wares! I’m being very selective about the bazaars I take part in, so TRUST MY JUDGEMENT; it’ll be fun! (I hope there’s free beer! As with the last time round. Haha!)

This is happening on 20 March 2010, this coming Saturday, from 6.30PM to 2.00AM, at SAM@8Q. It’s basically a few steps away from the main Singapore Art Museum building. Do show your support and come with cash! I’m always adding new items to my collection, so there will definitely be something for everyone!

Inside Out party Facebook event page here. Bazaar @ Inside Out party Facebook event page here.

P.S. A shout-out to and for the nice folks at RCGNTN. They’re throwing their first party, RCGNIZE: The First Edition, at Haji Lane (not very far away from SAM), so do support them as well! AND THERE’S DEFINITELY FREE BOOZE THERE. I would love to be able to attend. RCGNTN Facebook group here. RCGNIZE party Facebook event page here.


4 responses to “Upcoming: Inside Out Party @ SAM

  1. happened to chance by your facebook page and found my way to here. just to say, your works are amazing!

    stay fabulous!

  2. i just found your site randomly and i must say i love the whole chainmaille thing going on here. (Y)

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