The Cube Bangle

This space a little neglected, sorry about that! But I can assure you I haven’t stopped what I’ve been doing. After all, I REALLY do love crafts.

Okay, really quickly: I decided to stop making any more vinyl cuffs; twist of fate; I revived the cuffs and made a small batch. The point is, then I decided that I want to make a nice packaging box to go with the cuff. But sheesh, it was quite tedious. I’d die if I had to make a box for every cuff!

It’s really sturdy, and made with record sleeves, so the graphics are pretty random, and nothing goes to waste. It was refreshing to work with paper-based materials again, so after making this box, I went on to explore something I had been tinkering with in my head.

So I take a basic cube and cut out the opposite corners. And voila! A BANGLE!

Super chunky, super geometric! And pretty ‘green’ too! This was made with a ‘useless’ card that I’ve collected. I really want to fully realise this design, but I still have no idea what is the best way to treat it so that it’s durable.

P.S. Wouldn’t it look A-MAZING as a neck piece?


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  1. Wash hand problem no problem?

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