The Chain Bracelets

This is a very simplistic and minimal series of chain bracelets for men.

Three sizes of jump rings, three different weaves, three different weights.

I just mastered the Jen’s Pind Linkage(JPL), which basically produces a spiral looking chain. The thinnest chain here is the ‘wrong’ version of the JPL, because I the actual JPL chain is quite inflexible. The second chain is actually a byzantine weave, but I crossed the connecting rings and that produced a twisted chain. Really love the twisted effect! Adds even more texture to the chain. The thickest chain here is a really simple box weave; fuss-free and minimal.

In contrast to these blingy rhodium chains, I’m trying to render some chains in black nickel as well.

I would try out more black nickel chains, but I’m having a little difficulty finding the perfect black nickel jump rings. These 2 chains are by far the most effective. The flat ‘centipede’ chain uses rings that I dismantled from a ready(also badly)-made chain that I bought. The large rings in the flat chain are square cross-sectionally, so the chain reflects light really beautifully. Then there’s yet another box weave chain. You can never go wrong with a box weave.


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