The Chainmaille Pentagons

I was trying to start a byzantine weave chain when the jump rings flipped around and produced this perpendicular-ish structure. I thought, This looks like it could turn into something nice!

So I racked my brains for quite a bit studying the structure and finally managed to figure out a way to weave it. Frankly, I have no idea what chainmaille weave this is. It’s rather like a helm’s weave with a twist. Maybe it’s my tendency to close things back into a loop, but I did 5 units of the weave and realised that by forming a closed structure, it’d make a really tight pentagon.

This necklace is made by linking 4 pentagons together. It’s really fun with the pentagons since they’re pretty modular; I can sorta tessellate them! I realised that linking 4 pentagons produces the most aesthetically pleasing shape. 

I believed this would make a really nice bracelet as well, so I churned out a handful more of the pentagons and created a fabulous bracelet!

Whenever I’m creating something new, bracelets in particular, it’s instinctive and intuitive that I create something that would definitely fit me. Haha! My philosophy is, If I can can’t wear, then there is no point in making.

The bracelet is ‘hinged’ on one side only, so it can still contour itself to the wearer’s wrist. I tried to flip the bracelet the other direction so the hinged side is facing outwards, and it simply produced a more rigid cuff-ish bracelet. I used a sliding tube clasp for this, which proves to be quite effective.

I’m definitely keeping this project at the top of my list. There’s definitely other interesting spins I could do with the pentagons!


5 responses to “The Chainmaille Pentagons

  1. looks great.. are they still available ? or made to order? price tag? =)

  2. Hey! Is the necklace available for sale? I’m really interested in it.

    I heard your vinyl cufflinks will be available at FruFru’s shop as well. Any chance this necklace will be available there? Or how can I get my hands on this?

    • Hi Eileen, I’m still sorta working halfway with the pentagon idea. I’ll hit you back when I put it up for sales. Frufru & Tigerlily will carry only my vinyl cuffs for now. (Not cufflinks, but cuffs.)

  3. hey do drop me a mail if the above necklace is going on sale.

    thank you!

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