The Faux Pearl Earrings

Frankly, I don’t make earrings because I don’t wear earrings. But when Christina from BitsOfPink, a KL-based webshop, asked me to make a couple of pairs, it turned out to be a pretty good deviation. Oh yes, by the way, BitsOfPink stocks my faux pearl series of necklaces and bracelets.

These are some earrings that I did on my own accord. When I first made them, it was a little anti-climactic since I CAN’T TRY THEM ON. But when I did try them on on my mother, I began to love them. Perfect weight, perfect length, and they come in a variety of colours! The first thing I noticed when my mother put them on was how eerily the pearls match up(in size) with her iris. Therefore, a perfect complement to a pair of eyes.

The earrings are created with short byzantine chain segments with faux pearls at the end. The length is pretty ideal, although I really want to try to make them stiletto/shoulder duster-length. But are statement earrings going to work?


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