Upcoming: X’Mas Fashion Bazaar by Eureka Bazaars + Announcement

Eureka Bazaar happening again at the Pits Building tomorrow, 19 Dec, Saturday, from 12.30PM to 9.00PM.

Facebook event page here. Eureka Bazaars Facebook group here.


This is my last flea appearance for the next few months. The flea markets and bazaars in Singapore are getting way too lame and saturated. I just feel that the target market is completely wrong for my handmade creations. I will focus more on online sales, despite how shipping can be a total bitch. But we deal, we deal.

I’ve been wanting to sell at MAAD(Market for Artists and Designers) at Red Dot Design Museum, but never do seem to find a good time. So in any case, I will only make physical appearances at MAAD, where it’s a handmade niche market. MAAD Facebook group here.

It’s been an eventful year for me; had lotsa fun making new stuff and new friends. So definitely do look out for more exciting stuff coming from me. I’ll always hope for the best!


2 responses to “Upcoming: X’Mas Fashion Bazaar by Eureka Bazaars + Announcement

  1. Hi Kang! So nice to meet you yesterday! Yes, the bazaar was quite a bitch. I hope you’ve made good sales though!

    Nice blog you have! I’ll put a link to your site via mine!


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