The Zigzag Accordion Fold

I’m trying to revive my passion and affinity with paper. It’s a wonderful medium and definitely has a place in contemporary jewellery.

I had toyed with paper ideas before, but soon dismissed them. Now I’m just trying to revive those ideas and hopefully find a solution to make my paper creations wearable and durable. Of course, I fell back on the zigzag accordion fold.

A flat piece of paper transforms into a landscape of ridges and valleys with strategic folding. I remember obsessing over this a few years back. It was actually quite therapeutic for me, even though the process is a little mundane and tedious. I guess I’m addicted to the sense of achievement you get after completing a tedious task. Can you see the similarity between this and chainmaille?

So anyways, I was folding the zigzags like there was no tomorrow, but mostly working on rectangular pieces of paper. Naturally I needed a more creative output.

The folds are based on a grid pattern, so I translated everything onto a circular piece of paper. It was getting really sculptural. This would make a GORGEOUS lampshade. But nothing really came out of this as I moved on to other endeavours.

Today, I revisited the accordion fold.

I used an uneven grid pattern here to create a very disrupted structure. It was totally random and I think it could definitely be quite deliberate as well. I just find it a little difficult to anticipate how the final structure would behave with further manipulation.

I’m thinking of a series of cuffs with these zigzag accordions. I REALLY want something fabulous to come out from this.


5 responses to “The Zigzag Accordion Fold

  1. I like to fold the $50 voucher with the nice silk-like sheen thingamajiggle.

  2. Maybe you should use a thicker sheet of paper or stack papers together to give it volume?

  3. just FANTASTIC! i hope you continue with this.

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