The Faux Pearl Series

Remember the pride edition necklace and bracelet that I did a while ago? I used Swarovski faux pearls, in very pastelish, candy colours. I got a buyer expressing interest and suggesting that I tried out other colour schemes, so here goes!

The pearls came in very nice dark colours, but they didn’t seem to go very well together. In the end I just picked out the shades of grey and this very dark teal-ish colour. I think it adds a very subtle pop of colour as compared to just rendering it fully grayscale. Love the mysterious, sombre mood created by the colours!

And I love the gradient effect going on. I guess because the pearls are quite reflective, each pearl takes on a tint of the pearl that’s beside it.

I had so much fun shopping for the pearls! It was insane! I could have easily bought them in every colour, but damned, I’m running on such a tight budget. Anyways, I also made an accompanying bracelet in the same colour scheme.

I’m personally not into matchy-matchy necklace-bracelet combinations because I believe you simply have to just pick ONE focal/statement area. But that’s just me. I like contrast. Matchy-matchy could probably work if done right, too. After all, it’s all about how you make it work.

OMG, the bracelet. TO. DIE. I love this so much. So cosmic! Like planets in orbit. The pearls do work very well in bracelets because they roll on your skin like butter.


Then I created a red piece too. Couldn’t get them in more shades of red, but at least the powder pink, burgundy and maroon works quite well together. (The maroon looks a little chocolatey in the photo though. Hmm…) This piece is PERFECT for Chinese New Year. It’s so auspicious. I hope the wearer, whoever it may be, gets good fortune from wearing this. Haha!

The matching bracelet:


Really love working with the faux pearls! I’m definitely going to continue using them. This series here is just the beginning. I look forward to creating more faux pearl pieces.


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