The Chunky Mesh Bracelet

I was digging through the packets of jump rings at the shop when I came across jump rings 1.5cm in diameter. I snapped them up immediately. I have always wanted to scale up chainmaille. I guess my ultimate chainmaille project would be working with rings the size of my palm(~12cm in diameter. *gasp*), probably making a wall installation and/or chandelier.

Anyways, with the limited stock of rings, I managed to make a couple of bracelets. Chunkier than usual, and *OH!* that glorious clinking sound of the rings.

chunky mesh bracelet 6-in-1 chainmaille

Because the rings are so big, I used the European 8-in-1 weave and they accommodate comfortably. It’s so much fun just playing with it!

chunky mesh bracelet on hand

I’ve tested it out, and a looser fit is the best. The mesh loses its ‘life’ when the bracelet is worn snug. And it becomes really apparent how the chainmaille mesh sculpts to your wrist’s contour. I would love to keep one for myself, but I’m going to kick that habit.


3 responses to “The Chunky Mesh Bracelet

  1. I’m a fan of wearing accessories. This one is so unique. I think a wristband with this design in earth colors will be something different in my collection.

  2. I like chunky so this mesh bracelet is super! It also suits masculine wearers.

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