The Clear Teardrop Beads On Byzantine Chain

This week it’s all about the byzantine weave. Chainmaille is addictive for me. I tend to stick to one weave and obsess over it for 1 to 2 weeks straight, then perhaps move on to another weave and obsess again. Anyways, following the byzantine bead dangles, I decided to utilise the clear chunky teardrop beads I thrifted.

I started with a simple idea of a chain and pendant.

byzantine chain and teardrop bead

Love the simplicity of this piece. I get a very European vintage vibe from this necklace; something a princess would own.

Then I experimented with something more geometric.

triangle byzantine chain with teardrop bead

Definitely reminiscent of the Eye of Fai necklace. The triangle held up by gravity and tension. I don’t think it looks wrong, but it doesn’t feel too right either. There’s some something unsettling about it, and I don’t know what it is.


2 responses to “The Clear Teardrop Beads On Byzantine Chain

  1. it’s lovely, but it isn’t or rather doesn’t feel complete and looks a little too theres more to it but it isn’t shown..

  2. perhaps wrapping the tear drop as well?

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