The Eye of Fai Necklace

I was prepping a bunch of jump rings for chainmailing and it got a little mundane, so I got distracted and started toying with the clear teardrop beads and the metal trinkets I got from Sungei Road the other day. I had vague ideas floating around, but nothing really substantial. It was really just arranging elements around until I get to something I like.

Then I remember Fairul arranging the metal sticks thingies into a triangle and suggested hanging the teardrop bead in the centre.

variety of chains

I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but then I realised that it might actually work, so I experimented and managed to produce something amazing!

the eye of fai

With the whole triangle going on, it just reminded me of the Eye of Providence. The whole Egyptian symbolism concept seems pretty cool for jewellery. Plus the triangle is just very aesthetically pleasing.

Getting sidetracked a little, I remember seeing a fashion editorial based on the Egyptian symbolism concept too. It’s still the whole triangle thingy, but with the Eye of Horus instead. It’s a severely genderfucked editorial, so be warned, but I love it like hell! View it here on The Fashionisto blog.

So back to my new creation, I decided to name it the Eye of Fai because Fairul gave me the idea. You’ve got to offer credit where it’s due. But I just happen to be damned fabulous to make the idea work. Haha!

eye of fai pendant

I love this piece a lot. I think it’s more ‘soulful’ as well, since I basically put these random, thrifted trinkets together to create something completely new.


5 responses to “The Eye of Fai Necklace

  1. do you have pieces for purchase.

    • Hi Joy, unfortunately I don’t have pieces for purchase. I only have 2 pieces of this pendant and I’m only selling in Singapore.

  2. well keep up the good work!
    Joy D.

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