The Pink Swirl Tie Dye Tee

So I prepared a basin of DEEP PINK FUCHSIA dye for Fairul’s jacket, and do you honestly think I’ll let A FULL BASIN OF PINK DYE GO BY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING FOR ME?!

Obviously not, so I took out an old white tee of mine, tied it up and dunked it into the dye and voila! Instant tie dyed tee! IN PINK.

pink swirl tie dye tee

This is literally fresh out of the dye basin. Whoopee! Something that veers away from jewellery. And something with colour!

I knew the swirl technique at the back of my hand, so I knew it was a surefire way of getting a design that works. I just decided to offset the swirl so it radiates from the chest over-the-heart-ish.


3 responses to “The Pink Swirl Tie Dye Tee

  1. This looks really really cool. Beats buying some overpriced tie-dyed tops online. Maybe you could do a DIY post 😀

    • thanks Bel! I heard tie-dye tees are kinda abundant and cheap in Bangkok. My friend got me a super colourful and intricate one there. I thought of selling my own tie-dye tees, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to devote to it. A DIY post seems like a good idea…

  2. Hahaha yes I’ve been yearning to go Bangkok but I’ve yet to free myself from my parents’ clutches LOL. yes diy post! then i can try it out hehe

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