The Mixed Chains Bracelet

The idea of mixing chains in a draped necklace has been done to death. It’s like the easy way out for a dramatic necklace. So I decided to steer away from the draped chain necklace, despite having collected a good variety of chains.

Instead, I made a bracelet for myself. I’m in dire need of new jewellery!

mixed chains bracelet

The 3-ring tube clasp turned out to be my best solution to this bracelet. I wished I had like one more chunky chain in there though. I wove the chains loosely so they maintain some structure on their own.

I like the aesthetic a lot; gives me a lot of good ideas to work with. It is why I enjoy looking at Katherine Sturgis’ woven bracelets, and more recently, woven bracelets and necklaces by TheBrollies when I was at Chic POP in KL. I will definitely order stuff from TheBrollies! It’s so up my street and I love the fact that spontaneity is part of the creative process for each piece of work.

Anyways, this is the mixed chains bracelet on me:

mixed chains bracelet on hand

I thought of adding charms to it, but I stopped myself because that would be wayyy too much. I think the chains by themselves are rather charming.


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