The Loot: Sungei Road

Okay, here’s my loot from Sungei Road yesterday. I was in KL for the weekend, but barely had a chance to shop for anything. Came across plenty of cool stuff at Chic POP, but they were all way out of budget. So when I came back to Singapore, I had to satisfy my urge to shop. I basically boycotted the malls already. Sungei Road is my favourite treasure-hunting ground. And yesterday was a really good hunting day.

vintage bag

I set out looking for a clutch, but came across this vintage bag in excellent condition, so I got it in a heartbeat. The uncle was quite adamant with his price, so I only managed to haggle down S$5. Vintage bag: S$30

bunch of chains

There were an exceptional amount of chains strewn around yesterday. It’s good I have some form of self-control. I would have bought a whole lot more, but I didn’t. This uncle was neither friendly nor haggle-friendly, but I still haggled S$5 off him. Bunch of chains: S$13

energy metal cuff

Then I came across this metal cuff. The flame-y graphic very tacky, but I like how solid the cuff is. Plus it’s got the word ‘energy’ on it. Maybe it’ll give me an energy boost when I wear it or something. Haha! Metal Cuff: S$6

gold mesh bracelet

gold mesh bracelet clasp

LOVE this bracelet. It fits me, but it’s a little snug. Definitely Indian based on style and colour. The clasp is just very pleasing to look at. And the body of the bracelet has that slinky feel to it—LIKE CHAINMAILLE. Gold mesh bracelet: S$4

clear faceted teardrop beads

I saw a bunch of these, I picked them out, I felt their weight, I heard the way they clinked, and I knew I had to buy them. Typically, you would find a lot of abandoned beads in Sungei Road, but you can instantly tell they’re cheap beads ’cause they’re light and plasticky. But these chunky, clear, faceted teardrops were different! Heavy and glass! Bunch of teardrops beads: S$20

draped chain

Best find of the day. I was trying to figure what it was. Curtain trim? Belt? Necklace?

draped chain closeup

draped chain beads closeup

I’m pretty sure it’s a belt, although I tried it as a necklace and it looks fabulous. Just needs a little work here and there. Fairul suggested that it might be a belly dancer’s belt. Possible, since it’s so dangly and drape-y. I definitely don’t want to risk wrecking this by taking it apart. Long draped chain: S$8

Okay, so that rounds up the ultra productive day at Sungei Road! You can look forward to me looking forward to more such days at Sungei Road! Haha!…


3 responses to “The Loot: Sungei Road

  1. You can let me try that, I wanna belly dance with that! It’s well Shakira.

  2. About that ENERGY cuff..u do know the energy from the cuff is coming from that Taiwanese boy band who call themselves that right? hehehe…

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