The Contoured Vinyl Cuff

I made a couple of these contoured cuffs a while back when I first started making the cuffs and sold both to a friend. After that, I became more focused on experimenting with new cuff shapes and the contour idea was lost.

But today, it came back to me! It’s a little tricky to contour it because you’ve got to work pretty fast and you have to be darn precise. Anyways, I more or less got the hang of it and I do like the result! It fits me PERFECTLY. So I suppose it would fit the average person’s wrist quite well.

contoured vinyl cuff

contoured vinyl cuff opening


2 responses to “The Contoured Vinyl Cuff

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  2. oh yeah, these would work out perfectly for girls! i tried one of your vinyl cuffs and felt that it was too loose. cool stuff, look forward to see more!

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