The Collages From The Past

I have been cutting up vinyls all morning and afternoon, my hands are sore and my brain floated into another dimension and I thought, I used to enjoy doing collages, didn’t I?

The one thing I get inspired most from is textures. Then I remembered all the collages I did a few years back. Why not share it here? At least it’s a breather from all my jewellery stuff.

self-portrait collage

eyes ECU

This was done in 2006. A self-portrait project based on creating texture.

be yourself poster collage

This one in 2006 too. I think it was some faux advertisement thingy. Haha! Okay, it was a poster advert for Crocs. I loved my orange Crocs back then. They were rather new in the market at that time, okay!

blue man


Some random collages I did for fun. No true concept, mostly experimental.

freitag backpack collage poster

This is one of my favourite collages of all time. Another faux poster advert, this time for Freitag bags. Still love Freitag and still using the Freitag backpack I own. Love the crackle background. I remember just crushing a piece of paper and staining it with OLIVE OIL. Haha!

I would very much like to spend 3-4 hours doing a collage, but I just can’t find the time now. And another thing I can’t find—the functional aspect of collage. I don’t like things to just hang on walls. I’d rather things hang on a human body. Therefore, back to jewellery! Hahaha!

But that’s something for me to think about in the future when I have a greater scope of production methods.


One response to “The Collages From The Past

  1. crocs should be banned. Haha.

    Love the trash-ure piece. Bold and strong statement

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