The Fused Plastic Woven Bangle

WooHoo! New material! I’m excited!

Today, I was experimenting with fusing plastic. I took one of those yellow recycling bags they always leave at doorstep and made a woven bangle from it! I basically folded it up into a wide strip, put it between foil, pressed over with an iron and schloop! it fuses into this tough leathery material.

From there, I cut out thin strips and started weaving, duh.

fused plastic bangle

fused plastic bangle closeup

Once again, it’s a really versatile technique and material. And it MOST definitely works for me because I won’t have to spend a whole lot of money on supplies.

This could really lead to anything, but I just decided to try out the bangle since it was something I’m really familiar with. Now I’m thinking coin pouches, card holders, folders, bags, wallets, AND YOU KNOW WHAT? Why not render the trapezoidal clutch in this?!


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