The Chainmaille Gauntlet

I’ve been working on this for the past couple of days and it’s my biggest chainmaille project yet! I’m so excited about it, even though I exhausted myself and my jump ring supply. But at least the outcome is rather dramatic.

I didn’t know what to call this, since it’s neither a bracelet, cuff nor armband. Then I took it a little out of the jewellery context and voila, it’s a gauntlet.

gauntlet full

gauntlet vertical full

gauntlet vertical full draped

gauntlet collapsed four rolls

Parts of the gauntlet are cinched in to add more dimension. At it’s most collapsed form, it rolls into 4 tubes. I’m actually still loving the tube structures. They’re popping out even when I don’t intend to have them, but I don’t mind. They might become my signature, maybe?

gauntlet twisted

Here, I twisted the gauntlet around my arm. I like the fitted look too; it’s armour literally. It’s a pity it doesn’t hold up for long before coming loose again.


2 responses to “The Chainmaille Gauntlet

  1. i want oneeeee =) so gorgeous!

    • Thanks Jody! I have people asking me about the gauntlet too. It’s a very custom piece, so price-wise is from S$95-SS125 depending on size. Hit me back if you’re interested. I’ll be at Chic POP @ Zouk KL on 3 and 4 Oct, so can say hi to me if you’re gonna be there. =D

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