Senses To AIDS Concert @ *SCAPE Youth Park

Couldn’t find the event page on Facebook, but here‘s the event listing on the *SCAPE website. My friend gave me the head’s up for this event, because they’re having a flea market too. This is happening this Saturday, 29 Aug at *SCAPE Youth Park(Somerset vicinity).

Tickets to the concert are at $15, all proceeds going to Action for AIDS(AFA). As for the flea, 10% of sales will go towards AFA. I don’t usually do charity, but for AFA, I guess I could extend a little help. The flea starts around 5.00PM, the concert 7.00PM.

I’ll be solely selling the vinyl cuffs; they are going at S$15 a piece. Don’t you find it apt to be selling vinyl cuffs at a concert? With the whole music reference going on.

So once again, it’s this Saturday, so if you’re in town, swing by to say hi! You’re not only supporting me, but supporting AFA too! 10% of my sales will go towards AFA.


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