The Woven ‘Tattoo’ Bracelet

Concept of ‘second skin’. In. Tatted jewellery. In.

But I can’t tat. I can only weave.

Tatting is essentially lace-making. I wanted to learn it, but I have no experience with knitting or crocheting, so it looked really confusing to me. But the end product is really impressive. I admire tatting artisans. I saw an instructable on a tatted mask by TotusMel and it just blew me away. Her Etsy shop here. I will forever have the tatted mask image ‘tatted’ in my head.

tatted mask by TotusMel

Anyways, I was just mindlessly doing a 6-strand weave, having no clue on how to utilise the weave. And then it hit me. I fixed down the ends of the weave, started loosening and pulling it apart, fixed the loose woven structure with a layer of glue and tadah! a bracelet.

woven 'tattoo' bracelet

Ultra lightweight and cuts a very graphic image on the body. Almost like a tattoo. And it reminds me of tatted jewellery.

I think I’m making this a keeper in my upcoming jewellery collection. Plus, you can be sure no 2 of these ‘tattoo’ bracelets will be the same since the final outcome is rather fluid by hand.


4 responses to “The Woven ‘Tattoo’ Bracelet

  1. omg! i like every ideas of yours. dont be surprise that i might start collecting your works!
    Hit me when the clutch and woven cuff comes in for sale.

    • Yeah! That’s good to hear. The clutch might take some time to develop; I was trying to veer off in a different direction. The woven cuffs might come in much sooner. I might have it by 6 Sep. There’s a flea at Home Club on that day.

  2. oh man, i saw this msg a bit too late.. k.. i’m waiting for the clutch. the next flea i’m getting the woven cuff.

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