The Trapezoidal Clutch

Yesterday, I was trying my hand at something new. I was trying to make a clutch. Not with fabric or leather, but with this heavy-duty duct tape-ish material. Nothing like an unconventional material to test your skills and creativity. Having said that, I probably have sub-par skills and a healthy dose of creativity.

trapezoidal clutch sketches

I’ve always had that idea at the back of my head, so a trapezoid it is! I guess I can’t think in terms of seams and darts, since whatever I churned out ended up looking more ‘packaging’ than ‘clutch’.

trapezoidal clutch

I’m just going to provide one view of this because I don’t want to ruin whatever excitement you may develop from seeing this. Anyways, it may not be fully functional, but this is definitely the look and style I’m going for.

I might be out to kill myself, but some say ‘kill’ and some say ‘challenge’. I’m trying to figure out a way to make the clutch without having to sew anything in.

In any case, I WANT to make this trapezoid work.


4 responses to “The Trapezoidal Clutch

  1. I would buy clutches from you because I need to get wit’ the programme. British spelling of program, amboi.

  2. that looks pretty leet. i want!

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