The Braided Cord: Variations

So I’ve been experimenting a bit with the braiding techniques.

5-in-5 braid

This is a 5-strand braid using 5-strand braids. Therefore, 5-in-5. See? So playing with these number-in-numbers, you can get a lot of variations!

woven donut

The woven donut. Haha! Might work as a pendant, but too lightweight. I’m too used to working with heavier materials. Reminds me a lot of the chainmaille onion rings.

jump 'rungs' woven into cord

single sided jump ring

double sided jump ring

So much jump rings lying around, why not incorporate them into the braids? I still like the touch of metal in the cotton cords. I can say that this idea is heavily inspired by Katherine Sturgis’ bracelets, ’cause they’re SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS. I’m not truly happy with any one of the jump ring braid trials, but I’ll definitely keep experimenting till I get something I like.

Oh yes, one more thing. ‘Weave’ and ‘braid’. Thrown around a lot, some times by themselves, some times together. I always wondered the difference. Then I remembered a little research and experiment I did a while back(Oct 2008) in school.

sketchbook weave mockups

These are weaves. I was ‘weaving’ the 7- and 5-strand ‘weaves’ and thought to myself, these don’t really look like what I did a long time ago. So I had to try it out. If you don’t try, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.

5-strand braid and weave

The supposed ‘weave’ on top is a braid. The one at the bottom is more of a weave. Both uses 5 strands of cord, but the techniques are different. You can see that the bottom one literally has a more woven quality to it. So there it is! Braid and weave!


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