3-Strand Woven Cord Cuff

The weekend bazaars have all ended, and it’s not weeks till my next ones, so I thought I’d take a little time off from chainmailling.

I have always liked the idea of weaving and braiding, but never really got to expand the idea as much as I’d like to. So looking at the big reel of cotton cord, I decided to do a 7-strand braid with it.

I recently got interested in fractals, after seeing fractal-inspired jewellery. It’s quite a mathematical concept, yet it produces something really aesthetically pleasing. I can relate it a lot to geometry, tessellation and pattern, so I’m generally in love with the concept. THIS IS THE TYPE OF MATH THAT I WILL ACTUALLY ENJOY DOING.

Anyways, with the fractal concept in mind, I produced 3 strands of 7-strand braids and wove them into a cuff.

woven cord cuff close up

See, even the cord itself seems to have the whole woven texture to it.

woven cord cuff

I’m just a little clueless on how I can achieve a desired diameter of the final cuff.

woven cord cuff cord ends

I’m also still thinking of a more seamless way to complete the cuff. For this I simply used cord ends on each strand and closed the ends off with a jump ring. Frankly, I like that metallic touch in the organic structure, but it’s just looking a little awkward.

I am now bombarded with weaving possibilities! Looks like it’s gonna be a fun night tonight.


2 responses to “3-Strand Woven Cord Cuff

  1. hey, cool stuff you have! i will definitely buy that 🙂 when will be the next upcoming flea market you will be participating?

    • thanks! I haven’t confirmed any flea/bazaar yet, but the next ones are definitely in early and/or mid september. I’ll put updates on the blog once it’s all confirmed.

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