Experimental Chainmaille: GLOW STICKS!


glow sticks mesh

I was working on a bracelet when I got hit by a brain wave. I stopped whatever I was doing, took out these old glow sticks and started playing with them. Don’t ask me why I have used glow sticks lying around. I just do. This is the European 8-in-1 weave.

And knowing me, I just couldn’t leave it alone as a flat mesh.

ball of glow sticks weave

ball of glow sticks interior

The close up of the interior structure looks like a Verner Panton playground, doesn’t it?

Again, knowing me, I just couldn’t let the glow sticks structure sit there and do nothing, can I?

ball of glow sticks around wrist

It actually has a very nice springy quality to it. One size fits all, I guess. Haha! It may not be as wearable. But I like the idea. LOVE, in fact! I LOVE THE IDEA!


4 responses to “Experimental Chainmaille: GLOW STICKS!

  1. The bracelet thing is nice la!

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