Mark Your Calendars: 8 and 9 August

It’s a gonna be a MEGA weekend! I’m working very hard towards that weekend. I don’t remember ever feeling so excited during the weeks leading up to National Day itself. Haha! But I still love Singapore, no matter what.

I’m running stalls over two days of the weekend, so come show your support and come dressed in red and/or white. Though, I feel it would be more mentally stimulating to interpret red/white rather than merely taking it literally.

These are the bazaars lined up for the weekend:

HEART market aug

My first time attending this bazaar. Looks like much fun! And I love Sculpture Square! It’s just a very cultured location to hold a bazaar. I especially like that this is rather vendor-specific. H in HEART stands for Handicrafters and that’s where I fall under definitely.

H.E.A.R.T Market organised by Calamine Solutions. They have some large-scale bazaars coming up too.

On 8 August as well:

Fun With Fleas at Home Club from 3.00PM to 9.30PM. Fun With Fleas Facebook event page here. Organised by a couple of gals that were, unknowing to me, manning the stall RIGHT BESIDE MINE during the last Flea-tique session at Singapore Art Museum!

Then finally on 9 August too:

flea-tique aug

Flea-tique!!! So far, I’ve had very good experiences at Flea-tique! sessions and I like Singapore Art Museum. I didn’t want to double book myself again on the 9th, but Fairul and Francesca offered to help out and I felt that I shouldn’t break the Flea-tique loyalty, so I got a stall there too.

Told you it’s gonna be a mega weekend. I’ve been chainmailling at a manic pace and trying not to freak myself out. I’m thankful I have Fairul and Francesca who’re keen to sell!

Remember to drop by, say hi and chat!


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