The 8-in-1 Weave Cuff

WHAT A TEDIOUS PIECE! I looked at the size of the rings and simply thought, “Hey, let’s progress to the 8-in-1 weave. These rings look like they are suitable,” Suitable, all right. But a hell lotta work and REALLY tight spots.

8-in-1 cuff

I was really obsessed with this piece since I’m always excited about trying new styles. I attached a clasp and it felt wrong, so I took a gamble and decided to seal it up. Somehow or other, I managed to work round those tight spots and got myself a cuff! Damned psyched! I’ve always been more into cuffs than bracelets. (Frankly, I hate clasps, too. Too fussy and fumbly for me.)

My only complaint is the edges. Because the weave is so tight, the slightest non-uniformity in the rings results in very obvious disruption to the otherwise clean edge. I would consider this a major fuck-up, especially after I’ve put in so much time and pain into it. IT SHOULD LOOK FLAWLESS.


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