Mesh Bracelet: Ultra Wide

I made this bracelet last Saturday at Starbucks.

ultra wide mesh bracelet

I was initially working on making a tube bracelet out of these big rings, but decided to try out making a flat mesh bracelet instead. I won’t say that it’s the most fabulous piece, but it’s definitely a ‘take-a-breather’ piece. Looser, wider, more ‘transparent’.

After attaching the clasps, which were much narrower than this weave, I discovered that I might, after all, fall in love with this bracelet.

ultra wide mesh bracelet bunched

mesh bracelet ultra wide clasp

If you look at my existing mesh bracelets, they’re all very fitted and clean-looking. Then comes this loose, ‘transparent’ piece that bunches up. Theoretically, it will never fit into my existing pieces, but in practice, I love how it flows and bunches up randomly! It is big and clumsy. It’s like the underdog; the black sheep. LOVE. I think I’m keeping it for myself.


4 responses to “Mesh Bracelet: Ultra Wide

  1. hi kang,

    this piece is tantalising. is it for sale?

    • Ooh, tantalising. Haha!.. This is one of those one-off experimental pieces that I haven’t really put any more thought into.

      And now that you brought it up, I just might think about it. Drop me a message if you’re interested. I could custom another piece.

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  3. Hi Kang.
    I have bought jewellery from you in the past through Bottica. I can’t seem to find you anymore. How can I still buy your pieces which I love? Thanks, Nancy

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