Bunch ‘O Beads Necklace Modified

It used to be:

B'OB necklace old

Now it’s:

B'OB necklace modified

I threw in a whole lot more beads, so technically, it should be called Bigger Bunch ‘O Beads Necklace. It’s also more structured now, with the beads differing gradually in size. Reduced the black cord to a single strand to pump up the contrast between the bulbous bunch of beads and skinny cord.


3 responses to “Bunch ‘O Beads Necklace Modified

  1. How much does this weigh?

    • Haha! They’re all glass beads. Considerably heavy! Haven’t really weighed it. But I like weight on my accessories.

  2. Haha, yeah that sounds like a weight on your shoulders! A beautiful one though…I really like it!

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