Dilatant Collection

Worked out a bigger, bolder neckpiece chain with varying ring sizes. I really like the idea of varied thickness in the chain. 

bulb chain

More after the jump!

Also in the pipeline is a bracelet. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to attach clasps to it, if any at all. I would much prefer the seamless look, though. It should be a cuff, but I have no idea how the wearer is going to put it on.

With this bracelet, I used the really big rings as the main structure and really small rings as the connectors. I like the look.

cuff bracelet


2 responses to “Dilatant Collection

  1. omfgz, your stuffs are damn awesome! how much is this necklace gg for!?


    • Thanks! But I actually took that whole chain apart to make bracelets! A whole necklace like that is quite a terror to tackle lah; quite hardcore, so I didn’t really put it out for sale.

      But if you’re really interested, I would say price around S$100++.

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