ERTN Zine by Rockstar Solutions

I’m so freakkking excited! ERTN zine debuting this weekend at my stall at Lasalle Open House’s Arts Market! Saw the hard copy today. I literally flipped. Yes, it’s rough along the edges here and there, but that’s the whole idea of a zine, no?

So anyways, ERTN stands for usE youR righT braiN. It is a zine brought to you by the zany people at Rockstar Solutions, which is basically Sue-ann, Akash and myself. ERTN is a platform to showcase our customisation services, promos and products. Of course, living up to ‘zany’, we do throw in some random stuff which I can’t say much about, since we’d much rather you grab a copy and find out for yourself!

ertn_zine_logoOn a personal level, ERTN is probably the most gratifying project EVER. It’s the satisfaction and euphoria you get from ‘screen’ to realisation in ‘print’. It’s the luscious fruit that bore from my back-breaking labour.

And I have a column in there where I share my passion for crafts! How fucking sexy is that?! As a designer, the zine is proving to be very good ‘training ground’. It’s a ‘zine’, meaning ‘anyhow whack also can’, so I can kinda play around with layout. Let’s take it experimental!

The bumper issue might be less experimental and more contemporary, since I found myself designing the pages dry. It’s freaky some times when I over-design. But it all turned out well, and all of us at Rockstar Solutions are pretty excited about it.

Once again, Lasalle Open House Arts Market happening this Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 5pm on both days. Come round, say hi and buy some stuff from my stall! Even if you’re not buying anything, it’s cool. Important thing is, you grab a copy of ERTN!

See you there!


One response to “ERTN Zine by Rockstar Solutions

  1. can i have a copy too….. PLEASE!!!!!! Reserve one, leh! GAM SIA!!!!!!!

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