Lasalle College Arts Market—Work in Progress

The Dymo labelling tape cuffs are slightly lagging in production. I am, after all, a one-man factory. Got a handful of this braided weave material thingy that I wove into cuffs too. Those are more expensive, and I have just a few of those cuffs.

I’m coming up with 3 sketchbook sizes, ‘Regular’, ‘Small’ and ‘Really Small’. I’m done binding the small and really small ones. The regular sized ones seem like hell to tackle. The sketchbook covers are a really exciting segment. Look out for lotsa exciting stuff!

I wanted to make a contact card for myself, and I got hit by the idea of the labelling tape. It’s badly kerned, inconsistently aligned letters, but hey, that’s the beauty of it right?

I’m making super good progress. Watch out for me!


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